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What was the highlight of your holiday?

The architecture on every street. Interactive Impressionist art exhibition. Aquarium. Art & Science building. San Nicolas church tour followed by a delicious meal in Tarins restaurant. Churros at the Mercardo.

We would love to hear your comments required Freedom travel gave different options on dates, price, airports and accommodation and travel insurance. Freedom travel printed our insurance cert and boarding cards for both flights. The apartment accommodation was clean, modern decor and very spacious in a central location but yet was very quiet. It also offered the option of transfer to and from the airport for €20 each way which was very helpful. It was virtual check-in so we were given a code for the door and a number to call if needed. The one issue that I wish the travel agent had done on our behalf would be the online Spanish passenger location form, which was frustrating and time consuming to fill out and sent you back to the first page if you made an error. We didn't get a Freedom Travel balloon!

Would you reccommend this destination and where is next on your wish list? Valencia has already been added to several friends travel list after they saw my photos. I think I might take up a career as a travel blogger!

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