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Leaving the familiar behind and throwing yourself into another culture can be so rewarding. It might be a tiny bit daunting at first but your senses will be treated to such an array of unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells, any reservations you might have had will be gone.

Drink in the unfamiliar culture, the religions, the customs, language, landscapes and wildlife that far away destinations have to offer. It makes you feel alive.

Orangutans in Borneo, sharks in Australia, the junk boats in Hong KongRio for the Carnival, the Big Five in South Africa …it’s all about the experiences.


  • The Caribbean

  • India

  • Orlando

  • Dubai

  • Rio – Carnival

  • New Orleans – Mardi Gras

We always start by asking what you want to get from the trip. Then we’ll put together a tailor-made itinerary so that you achieve your objectives; you get to see what you want to see and have the experiences you were hoping for. Call us today and make the most of our personal experience and the wide range of flights, train and boat transfers and accommodation options we have at our fingertips.

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