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There are no rules about your honeymoon. You don’t have to go anywhere near a ‘desert island retreat’ if you don’t want to. If immersing your senses in the hubbub of Hong Kong is on your bucket list, or cruising on an ice-breaker ship to the North Pole for that matter, there’s no reason it can’t be incorporated into your honeymoon.

It should be whatever you want it to be, and that means
both of you


Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you like exactly the same kind of holiday (though hopefully you agree on lots of other things!). At Freedom Travel, we want to hear from both of you and that’s why we have an out-of-hours honeymoon consultation service. That way we get to meet the two of you. You see we get a much better idea of what you want from your honeymoon when we meet the two of you together.

He loves the beach-and-cocktails idea; she wants to learn
how to ski


Remember, it can be a multi-centre trip. Maybe one week is all about chilling out and the next week is an activity holiday or city discovery. It can be short-haul or long-haul; a sun holiday or a cultural break; non-stop adventure or just a quiet hideaway for two. Or a combination of all of the above!

At Freedom Travel, we’ll find out what kind of honeymoon you really want and then make it happen for you. Call us today to book your consultation and get ready for the most fun part of your wedding planning!

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