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The closer the death the more alive you feel so they say

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Embarking on a journey over 23 vibrant years in the travel industry, my story began with a Tourism and Travel course at Ballyfermot College. Guided by curiosity, my dad secured me work placements at Breakaway Tours and First Choice, leading to a year-long stint at Toolin Travel until 2009. Life's twists brought an unexpected silver lining – within six months, Freedom Travel opened its doors in the heart of Celbridge amid winter's enchantment.


Fueling my passion, I've delved into various courses, from the Travel Professional higher diploma to ongoing studies with the ITAA. A standout adventure was the Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership program with UCD, reshaping my outlook. Online training courses enriched my firsthand experiences across destinations like Kenya, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, elevating my understanding. In the past decade, solo travel has been my forte, pushing me beyond my comfort zone and introducing me to incredible people.

Specializations: Solo Travel is not just a specialization; it's my essence. From a game-changing 5-night NCL cruise from Barcelona to Rome with dedicated studio cabins, to joining the ranks of Intrepid and G Adventures, and testing the waters with Solos Holidays from the UK. Bali over Christmas and New Year's, with its turtle-filled waters and the challenge of Mt. Batur, stands out as a cherished memory.

Passions and Interests:

Fueling my journey, morning runs and invigorating hikes keep me active and grounded. The mindful experience of hiking, shared by a client, resonated deeply, clearing cobwebs and embracing exhilarating adventures. Socializing is another passion, revealing incredible stories and connecting with strangers who open up in ways only travel can inspire.

Favorite Travel Memory:

A cherished childhood dream became a reality as I sailed on a Junk Boat in Hong Kong Harbor, inspired by a green children's encyclopedia. The oriental allure and surreal silhouette of the sails fascinated me long before Instagram made capturing dreams a breeze.

Customer Success Stories:

Stories of love blossoming in Cyprus, cruise-induced pregnancy miracles, and orchestrating romantic getaways turned weddings – these are the heartwarming successes that make each journey extraordinary. While I may not physically be there, sharing these moments makes it feel like I've traveled with each client.

Hobbies and Personal Touch:

Beyond the realms of travel, my love for reading delves into psychology, mindfulness, and NLP. Recently, my heart has found a second home in Morocco's Tamraght, where I've embraced the challenges and triumphs of learning to surf, thanks to the patience of my surf ninja instructor, Hafid. The falling down is just as much a part of the adventure as catching that first wave, creating a sense of achievement and excitement that mirrors the magic of travel. 🌟🏄‍♀️

Some of the destinations I have visited 

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