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Morocco | Fam Trip 30th Sep | 4 Nights

Staying in the 5* Sofitel Royal Bay Hotel in Agadir

We flew with Air Arabia which are a low cost airline and it is an alcohol free flight it was a 3 and a half hour direct flight from Dublin. Its an ideal winter break destination just north of the Canary Islands it offers sunshine and beautiful beaches.

Having been to Tunisia I thought that Morocco would be pretty much the same but to my suprise it wasnt.

Agadir is a tourist resort with the usual stip of bars and resturants and the marina which has nice resturants dotted around it with views looking out to sea.

So after a short 40 min transfer we arrived in the hotel and first impressions were wow the lobby is beautiful you walk into the courtyard and there is beautiful music playing in the backround as you hear thew water from the fountains trickle away. You really get the sence that you are somewhere different. The grounds of the hotel are go down to the promanade and then onto the beach. the beach streches on for miles and a 30 min walk will bring you to the marina.


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